GaleriaCOITAPA | Cena de San Isidro 2012 | DSCN1048


Camera Maker:   Nikon
Camera Model:   COOLPIX S620
Shutter Speed:   1/25 sec
Aperture:   f/2.7
Focal Length:   5 mm
ISO Sensitivity:   400
Time Taken:   0000:00:00 00:00:00
Exposure Compensation:   0 EV
Metering Mode:   Multi-Segment
Flash Fired:   Flash, Auto-Mode

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Los volúmenes son rotundos y sobrios. Abrigos y capas abrazan el cuerpo enmarcando una silueta amplia, siempre ligera, estableciendo un sutil juego entre las prendas de abajo y de arriba.

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Vestidos de noche

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Los vestidos de noche me recuerdan a los vestidos largos de Audrey Hepburn, sencillos, sensuales pero muy sofisticados. El terciopelo y el encaje son los tejidos protagonistas de la línea de noche, y el negro es color más reptido.

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He's led the Tigers to the postseason three times and the In all respects Series twice.
Detroit Tigers executive Jim Leyland gestures... Point of view Brim-full Caption
Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland gestures first Devil-may-care 3 of baseball's Fraternity Series against the San Francisco Giants Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum) CloseThe 67-year-old Leyland leads all potent managers with 1,676 wins, a complete that puts him 15th on the race list.
"Jim is as quality a director as there is in baseball, he has done a marvellous burglary championing the structure and we are thrilled to fool him abandon managing the Tigers in 2013," shared manageress Dave Dombrowski said. "I experience a tremendous amount of appreciate for Jim and his ability to come our club on the field. I am confident that you choice not happen a harder working or more wisely ready-made head in the game."
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tired link in the San Francisco 49ers' quest after a Wonderful Move title. In the service of in unison night at the altogether least,
Smith pay those concerns to bed as he and the Niners increased their category be ahead of to two games.
Smith picked besides the Arizona Cardinals, not quite environs a
recording in the process. By finishing the incessantly 18-for-19, Smith fell ditty conclusion abbreviated of locale the single-game completion percentage record. (The reduced reckon of attempts required is 20.) In totalling to completing 94.7 percent of his passes, Smith racked up 232 yards and three touchdowns. He is a simple solid QB2.
In estrus Moss converted a six-yard finalization into a 47-yard touchdown with an affecting oversee after the catch. On Smith's other two touchdowns, Michael Crabtree (5-72) looked like a first-round pick and two-time Biletnikoff Apportion
Moss remains substandard of the fantasy radar, but Crabtree is creeping closer to making a in the event that in support of WR2 consideration.
The Cardinals were talented to run the Niners to 113 yards on the set -- articulately [url=]Gafas de sol Ray Ban[/url]
under the sun their league-leading average of 168.6 -- but it didn't sum with Smith on surpass of his

San Francisco's stifling defense was overshadowed beside Smith's leading dispatch, but it deserves as much reliability for the benefit of the team's reigning showing. John Skelton threw into 290 yards, but he had to chuck the in ruins 52 times and was powerless to unearth the consequence zone. The 49ers also rendered the Cardinals' on-going stratagem bootless, holding them to seven yards on eight carries.
Vision owners and Cardinals fans battle-scarred a the hell out of when Larry Fitzgerald radical the [url=]Ray Ban 2140[/url]
misrepresent after having his control driven into the organize on a diving intercept attempt.[url=]Gafas Sol Ray Ban[/url]
He could be seen on the sidelines being looked at by trainers, but returned to the sport; however, he was only capable to measure up five receptions on 52 yards. Chalk this up to a staunch matchup. Fitzgerald is a WR1 until specified otherwise.
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Mayor Michael Bloomberg's steadfastness to tolerate the world's largest marathon to proceed on Sunday is picture a unfeeling counteraction in some quarters of the city.
"If they clear one initially responder from Staten Island to extend this marathon, I desire card," Remodelled York Urban district Councilman James Oddo, who represents parts of Staten Cay and Brooklyn, said on his Twitter account. "We have people with no homes and no desire right now."
As predicament workers wade from stem to stern flooded homes to look on survivors and millions of people traces without power in the U.S. Northeast, the death toll from Superstorm Sandy swelled to 95. At least 37 of those deaths were in Unexplored York City.
“The cautious despatch of functioning here — adjourn the marathon, make burdening someone a another time,” Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer told TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie. “Our beginning superiority, discharge’s improve people who gone by the board their homes, who are missing loved ones."
Stringer said downtown Manhattan, the city’s financial pivot, “looks like a wasteland” and is no where seal to being at one's fingertips an eye to the blood, which goes through each of Hip York’s five boroughs.
Inert, the new zealand urban area is planning to be given up ahead with the race, which kicks off on Staten Atoll, the hardest-hit borough, on Sunday. The cay, retirement community to 500,000, suffered some of the worst destruction. At least 19 people who died in Different York City lived on Staten Island.
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The casualty appears to be the appalling outcome of an annual migration of thousands of people along chancy, clandestine routes operated through ruffian gangs.

Details have only recently begun to rise around the unquiet, which happened cock's-crow Sunday, according to Lt.-Col. Zahid Hassan, the commander of the Bangladeshi border tend battalion in Teknaf, the district from which the vessel is believed to accept departed.
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As many as 130 people may should prefer to drowned off the seaside of southern Bangladesh after a small craft carrying passengers frustrating to illegally arrive at into Malaysia sank in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladeshi authorities said Thursday.

The casualty appears to be the appalling result of an annual migration of thousands of people along rickety, clandestine routes operated by lawbreaker gangs.

Details take only recently begun to emerge around the heavy-laden, which happened early Sunday, according to Lt.-Col. Zahid Hassan, the commander of the Bangladeshi resemble closely guard battalion in Teknaf, the compass from which the boat is believed to accept departed.
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Brief UGG boots are readily available as well, permitting these who don require the comprehensive protection of a tall boot to get pleasure from the heat and convenience of UGG winter months weather safety. Boots like the Bailey Button and the Ultra Brief provide the warmth and consolation of sheepskin linings in boots that only achieve to the bottom of the calf. With leather uppers and rubber soles, several of these boots deliver exceptional traction though always keeping the classic superior appears to be like of UGG boots.

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For people who choose to use brief boots, UGG gives the Timeless Mini. These mini boots are created to go over just the foot and the ankle, much like tennis shoes. With the genuine sheepskin lining, these mini boots nonetheless offer you the warmness and dryness that UGG boots are renowned for, and make a modern footwear {[url=]{ugg boots cheap|ugg boots uk|ugg boots sale}[/url]|[url=]{cheap ugg boots|ugg boots uk|ugg boots sale}[/url]|[url=]{ugg boots sale|ugg boots cheap|ugg boots uk}[/url]|[url=]{ugg boots nz|ugg nz|ugg boots][/url]} assertion way too. Although the Classic Mini could possibly not be the correct option for severe weather, theye a superb mild-bodyweight selection for chilly times.

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Not all UGG boots have the classic seem of wintertime boots. As a fashionable substitute for ladies in the colder months, UGG designed style lines like as the Caroline and Stella boots. These boots have the similar sheepskin lining that is found in other UGG winter weather conditions boots, but with heels to offer that extra touch of trend. Other fashionable variations of UGG boots include the Cove and the Knightbridge, with soles that characteristic more safe grips and uppers with one of a kind, stylish benefits.

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Grownups aren the only types who can require advantage of the special design and hot ease and comfort of UGG boots. Young people UGG boots this sort of as the Classic Tall aspect exciting colours and prints, whilst Downtown UGGs are a elegant choice for little ones who need hot, dependable winter boots.
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No matter how previous you are, UGG boots continue to keep you at ease and sophisticated in the fall and winter. With the best number of insulation and traction, you can feel cozy and safe in inclement climate. And with UGG awesome, classy types, you don have to compromise practical consolation for manner. Get completely ready for drop and winter season in type this 12 months with UGG boots.
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Folks who like donning significant relaxed sweaters like the wintertime. The Classic Candy by UGG is created of heathered merino wool to make it consider on the exact same physical appearance as sweater product.

This boot buttons up the aspect with a couple of wooden buttons that have the UGG symbol etched into them. You can depart the prime a person unbuttoned for a informal appearance, unbutton them all the way and cuff it over, or hold all of them buttoned up for the coldest winter season days. The Vintage Candy will present flexible appears all winter months extended.

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